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Prof. Dr. Thomas Beschorner

Full Professor of Business Ethics and Director of the Institute for Business Ethics at the University of St.Gallen


Karin Hungerbühler

Co-Head of the Environment and Energy Office of the City of St. Gallen

Dr. Arthur Braunschweig

Managing Partner of E2 and Lecturer in Environmental Management and Environmental Accounting

Ronny Kaufmann

CEO of Swisspower and Lecturer in Public Affairs Management

Prof. Judith Walls

Chair for Sustainability Management, Professor at the School of Management and Co-Director of the Institute for Economy and the Environment (IWÖ) at the University of St. Gallen.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick

Director at The Institute for Business Sustainability CH-IBS; Prof. em. University of St.Gallen

Prof. Dr. Irmi Seidl

Head of the Research Unit Economics and Social Sciences at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL

Dr. Alois Flatz

Growth Investor, Company Builder, Board Member

Prof. Dr. Christoph Frei

Titular Professor of Political Science with special focus on International Affairs at the University of St.Gallen

 Tabea Bereuther

Research associate at the Chair for Sustainability Management at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) and is currently the Manager for Sustainability and Responsibility at the HSG.

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