Curriculum Change aims to transform the University of St. Gallen in a more sustainable environment and to arouse attention and interest for sustainability on the entire campus. Curriculum Change by oikos is responsible for initiatives that increase sustainability at the University of St. Gallen. By engaging in only little effort you will have a real impact on sustainability issues.


2019 - November

As soon as the conference ended, the curriculum change project begun in Saint Gallen. A strategy and action plan was defined. As the topic was still very much ignored, the first step was to raise awareness of the topic. No later than two months after having started the project, a workshop on the donut economical model was organized.

How Curriculum Change evolved over the years:

2019 - October

The HSG  curriculum change initiatives started in 2019 in Prague. The newly designated project head Louise Scarlette Maunoir was invited to the first international oikos curriculum change conference. The importance of a change in the way the lecture were taught at the University of Saint Gallen was outlined. The core of the question was “ How can the HSG claim that their curriculum is future-proof while still teaching economical model from the past?”

Modern Library

Juliette Kettler and Meret Thomann from oikos&Pizza


By gathering the learnings and insights from the first workshop about the new economical model, the need for coalisation for change rose. The “Letter for Change” started. The Letter for Change aimed to be a research document displaying the rising’s student demand for alternative education. To the letter, a survey about HSG students opion on curriculum change was attached.  Signed by the biggest HSG student associaiton as well as WWF, oikos international Blab, and the UNES, this letter was sent to our president representative.

Unfortunately, our representatives stayed silent.

2020 - May

The fight for curriculum change was not over. The “Letter for Change” made some noise and a new collaboration partners arose -  SDSN. Together with SDSN and the IWO, the intiative had the aim to promotes the integration of sustainable development in business and economicscourses of study in order to train responsible individuals for the future. This intiative made possibe the integration of the “be the Change” lecture co-initate with Student Impact. 


After two years of work, the project was handed over to Carina …

Curriculum Change.png

Working on a reform for the assessment year


The assessment year needs to be completed by every single HSG student, some do it twice and legends talk about students passing their 3.0.


As we all know, it touches upon a wide variety of subjects and topics in the economic, business and legal fields. In spite this holistic approach, climate change has so far only been mentioned in a single lecture of business ethics in the second semester. Apart from that, the megatrend of sustainability is almost absent in the core courses, although the SGMM is worth nothing without considering the resources our environment is able to supply only to a limited extent.


The oikos Curriculum Change team works together with the SHSG, the IWÖ (Institute for Economy and the Environment) and HSG’s administration. This work reflects a strong contrast between criticizing and working together with the people in charge, attached you can find a Power Point summarizing the data we’ve collected and our ideas to improve the status quo. Education is the first and crucial step to combat climate change and we demand the University to take on its institutional responsibility in this crisis.



Spring 2022

In spring 2022 the Curriculum Change team decided to dig a little bit deeper in the matter of “sustainability in the university’s lectures”. That is why we launched the Think Tank operation. This Think Tank was about gathering students’ ideas and suggestions on where more sustainability related topics could be embedded. The main goal was to figure out which courses completely lack the topic, which ones mention it not as much as they should or where there is the need to create completely new classes. The Think Tank was set up in the university's canteen and students from all levels could write down their suggestions on a prehanded paper and then put it in a box. 


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Curriculum Change Think Tank

«Choose a course and tell us which sustainability-related topics you would like to integrate»

The results show that 28% of the participants chose economic courses, 36 % business courses, 12% law courses, 12% finance courses and 12% gave answers related to reko/kuso classes or proposed new course ideas. Hence, from a student’s perspective, there is actually the need to keep on working to include more sustainability in the above mentioned teaching fields.

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