Curriculum Change aims to transform the University of St. Gallen in a more sustainable environment and to arouse attention and interest for sustainability on the entire campus. Curriculum Change by oikos is responsible for initiatives that increase sustainability at the University of St. Gallen. By engaging in only little effort you will have a real impact on sustainability issues. 

The HSG  curriculum change initiatives started in 2019 in Prague. The importance of a change in the way  lectures were taught at the university of Saint Gallen was outlined. The core question was “ How can the HSG claim that their curriculum is future-proof while it is still teaching an economical model from the past?” As the conference ended, the curriculum change project began in Saint Gallen. Two months after having started the project, a workshop on the donut economical model was organized. 

Gathering the learnings and insights from the first workshop about the new economic model, a coalition for change rose. Namely, the “Letter for Change” was formulated. The letter for change was aimed to be a research document displaying the rising student demand for alternative education. Signed by the biggest HSG student associations such as WWF, oikos international, Blab and the UNES, this letter was sent to our president representative.


The “Letter for Change” still had an impact and a new collaboration partner arose -  SDSN. Together with SDSN and the IWO, the initiative promoted the integration of sustainable development in business and economics courses to train responsible individuals for the future. This initiative made the integration between the “Be the Change” lecture and the Student Impact club possible.

The oikos Curriculum Change team works together with the SHSG, the IWÖ (Institute for Economy and the Environment) and HSG’s administration. This work reflects a strong contrast between criticizing and working together with the people in charge. Education is the first and crucial step to combat climate change and we demand the University to take on its institutional responsibility in this crisis.

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