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Being a board member means taking on key roles such as Head of Marketing, Finance, HR, Community, Vice President, and President. Beyond leading significant projects and participating in weekly meetings, you actively shape the organization through diverse responsibilities. Whether it's strategic decision-making or collaborative initiatives, each board member contributes to the organization's trajectory. This opportunity fosters personal growth and the satisfaction of significantly contributing to the organization's development. Being a member of the Board is a collaborative commitment that provides a platform to positively influence and shape the organization's impact.

For the Community team, Oikos is looking for motivated people who want to give their time to our community. As Community teamies, you'll be responsible for organising Community Events, internal communications and, ultimately, ensuring that everyone feels at home in the community. The Oikos conference is also one of the Community Team's projects. We're also looking for people who are organised and willing to take time out to organise an event of this size. We look forward to receiving your application.

The oikos conference is the longest standing tradition at oikos, with the first one being organised in 1971. The oikos conference brings together the whole oikos community, spotlights issues and provides interesting events to a given topic. This years topic concerns large capex investments in the green transformation. Join the conference team today to be part of its continued exciting story.






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Is it possible to apply as an assessment or master student?

Of course! All students at the University of St. Gallen can join oikos. 

What are the requirements to apply?

Interest in sustainability and driving change, motivation, reliability, transparency and willingness to learn many things!


Can I join oikos for only one semester, or go on an exchange during the year?

You can for sure join for only one semester as a team member if the Project Head or Board member agrees to that (they usually do, you are still of great help only for one semester!). However, if you want to apply for a Project Head or Board position, you need to stay committed for an entire year, and it would be best if you are on campus both semesters.


How can oikos benefit my future career?

oikos is the chance to gain hands-on experience in any position you take. If you join as a team member, you can choose a position according to your interest (finance, sponsoring, marketing, operations, program, event, brands relations, R&D, relations, …) and directly apply concepts you have learned with a lot of freedom. If you join as a Project Head, you will learn about leadership and team management, organization of the work within a team, and all the practical aspects that you need to lead a project. If you join as a Board member, you will gain experience in team leadership and management, but you will also have the chance to think strategically about where you want the association to develop in the future. Moreover, with oikos being the club with the most active members, you have a big responsibility as a board member, and a lot of freedom to shape your department as you please. Depending on the department that interests you most, you can also learn more about finance, marketing, HR, event management or operations. 

What is the average workload for oikos members?

The workload depends on the position that you are applying for. As a team member at one of oikos´ projects the workload is expected to be between 3-4 hours per week. As a project head it is 6-8 hours and as a board member it is 10-12 hours.


Will I earn campus credits?

Due to the varying workload, it is project heads (4 ECTS) and board members (6 or 8 ECTS) who receive campus credits.

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