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This year’s evolve Conference will offer three inspiring days of informative presentations, panels and workshops that will encourage you to engage with topics related to sustainability and business with a social purpose.

Due to government regulations, the first two days of the Conference will be held online on Hopin, a highly interactive platform, where speakers who are available to join us in person will be filmed using professional equipment.

Day 3 will explore how you can be part of the solution through an exciting workshop in collaboration with startup@HSG. You will be able to create your own social startup with a team and present your solution to a panel!

If possible, the workshop will take place in St. Gallen. Alternatively, it will also take place online.

Don’t miss your chance to attend the evolve Conference from 28-30th April. Sign up soon!

The evolve conference serves as a platform for companies, students and the public to come together to educate themselves, to connect with each other and to think out of the box. We want to empower and inspire individuals and companies to act entrepreneurial and develop innovative solutions in order to tackle societal challenges and evolve.


Our theme for this edition is: “Envision the future of social entrepreneurship.
Where are we, where are we going - be part of the solution!

We strongly believe that social entrepreneurship will be crucial to building a beneficial future for the next generations and our planet. At our conference, we want to examine and further explore the status quo, while also visualizing how social entrepreneurship is evolving.

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... you want to experience a different way of doing business and get inspired

... you want to present an alternative career path and inspire others

... you want to get expertise and possible funds for your start-up

... you want to find future social entrepreneurs for your company

Come and join us for a different kind of conference!

evolve Team from top left to bottom right (Photos by: Patrick Zeitner): Alix Reboute, Livia Mühlheim, Marie Aymon, Jivan Cheterian,  Aexandra Candea, Eino Schulze-Steinen, Kim Zeitner, Michele Wicki and Sofia Deblue