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oikos Solar

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Our newest initiative in collaboration with SGOC (the Ticino Club) is oikos Solar. This project aims to promote and build solar panels in Switzerland. With this project we want to offer security, expertise and project management to both our key stakeholders (roof owners and investors).

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In order to do so, the project will work closely together with a large network of people in politics and business provided by oikos and SGOC. In 2023 the aim of oikos Solar is to invest up to 1.5mio. CHF. in solar panels. Proof of Concepts with towns in Ticino, Investors, etc are already active. We now need a team to move forward. The project is divided into three different departments; Finance, Customer Acquisition and Solar Panel Management. As part of the customer acquisition team (CA) you pitch this project to potential investors and roof owners to provide the project with the necessary resources to scale. In the finance department you are responsible for controlling and auditing our finances and manage our cashflow in the millions of CHF. And as part of the Solar Panel Management you are in charge of the effective building of the solar panels (Management of these stakeholders: roof owners, solar panel vendors, assemblers, electrical companies and maintenance crews).

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