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Meet the People Behind oikos: Alexia Colamonico

In this blog post, we introduce Alexia Colamonico, project head at Curriculum Change and ask her a couple of questions!

1. What motivated you to join oikos and to dedicate your time to Curriculum Change?

The main reason why I joined oikos goes back to the fact that I wanted to deepen my knowledge on sustainability and contribute to the mission of Curriculum Change, which is to increase sustainability in lectures. Also, I wanted to have access to the various stimulating workshops that oikos organizes throughout the year and gain hands on experience by being a project head. Leading a project gives you the possibility to develop many skills that may be useful for a future career.

2. What makes Curriculum Change unique and impactful?

Curriculum Change was one of the first core projects oikos started with. I believe that Curriculum Change is a fantastic project with lots of potential. The fascinating thing about it is that also a small change can have a huge impact on the university’s curriculum. This is why I strongly believe that having clear objectives is essential for this project.

3. What do you enjoy most about being a member of oikos?

What I really love about oikos is probably the community and the inspiring topics which are treated in the workshops. The latter gives all members the possibility of learning something new and at the same time having fun.

4. How do you like to spend your time next to oikos and your studies?

Next to oikos and my studies I love to spend my time by doing sport, traveling, and painting. This is how I try to keep at the same time my mind, body and soul fit.

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