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oikos featured on HSG Focus

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

In times of climate change, more and more students want to commit themselves to sustainability and make a contribution as change agents. A sustainability initiative launched 50 years ago gave rise to the oikos organization, one of the oldest and most successful student organizations at the HSG. Today oikos has over 80 active members, each of whom is involved in 9 projects.

The feature on HSG focus reports about oikos, its vision and mission as well as all active projects and their commitments. Over more than 30 years, oikos has engaged in carrying out its visions and investing in long term sustainable solutions in business and management. In 2017, oikos St.Gallen became the first student organization to become part of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Switzerland. With further activities, such as the signing of the Climate Emergency Letter, oikos St.Gallen is a contributing organization to ensuring innovative solutions for environmental protection.

Conclusion of almost 50 years of oikos history: Entrepreneurs must take a leading role in sustainability issues because of their ethical responsibility. Read the full article and find out more about the commitments, highlights and milestones of oikos St.Gallen:

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