Change on Campus aims to transform the University of St. Gallen to a sustainable environment and to draw attention and interest to sustainability on the entire campus.


Change on campus is mostly based on projects rather than events. Indeed our team has been working on two major projects throughout the year to make our university more sustainable, those being Curriculum change and Reusable cup. One aims to fundamentally change the content and learning of students, while the other aims to reduce directly our impact.

Curriculum Change

Curriculum change is a project that aims to introduce compulsory and permanent courses on sustainable economic models since the Assessment Year.  In order to give all students at the University of St. Gallen the basis to be able to understand and interact with the complicate world we live in. Among other things, to learn how to manage epidemic crises or how to use resources sustainably so as to be on the road to ruin our planet.

To be able to achieve this goal, we have conducted a survey at the university and collaborated with several associations in order to propose a successful and solid project at the University of St. Gallen.

Reusable Cup

Reusable cup is a project that promotes the use of reusable cups on campus and aims to create a system to easily use the reusable cup which need to be as fast as the one currently in place but much more sustainable.


Clothing Swap

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We empower students to learn that over-consumption is an option and that we can create a circular and sharing economy with the people around us.


The event was held at the Macelleria D'arte Gallery in St. Gallen in collaboration with CEMS Saint Gallen and Undress and aimed at exchanging clothes for free between donners.

Workshop with WWF

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First step in our curriculum change project, this workshop aimed to open students to new sustainable business models that are still not studied at the HSG, among others we were introduced to Doughnut models. We were honored to be introduced to these sustainable models by Dr. Ion Karagounis, Responsible for new economic models and future issues at WWF Switzerland and to collaborate with evolve.

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If you are interested in problem solving, in sustainability, and you want to build your entrepreneurial skills, we are still looking for members and we will be happy to welcome you in interesting projects in the HS Semester 2020.


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