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Change Hub

The ChangeHub is the first physical space at the University of St. Gallen solely dedicated to sustainability. Whose goal is to promote brainstorming among the students regarding the sustainability of our campus. Furthermore, the By&For Projects Team develops and implements projects on campus that directly increase the sustainability of the University. Currently, the reusable kooky cups have been implemented, and we strive to make more on campus sustainable changes, such as a waste management system


Job Description
Marketing & physical space Team Member
Change Hub
Help in the creation and mainenance of a physical space that will promote change hub as a platform, help students be more conscious with some sustainable tips displayed and show all the sustainable events for the week as a calendar.
Impact Collab Team Member
Change Hub
Be part of the Impact Collab team which has the aim of creating solutions for various subjects concerning sustainability with interactive workshops.
By&For Team member
Change Hub
Be part of The HSG Ecosystem Navigator which makes visible organizations, people , initiatives and events related to sustainability and social innovation at HSG.
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