oikos&Pizza is one of the many social events organized by oikos St. Gallen. This project aims to get members and newcomers or interested students together in an informal but demanding environment. This takes place in form of an event, where different guest speakers are invited to talk about what sustainability means in their company or their field of work, and how sustainability is put in practice. After that presentation there is an Apéro with pizza and drinks, where you have the chance to connect with our speakers, with oikos itself or other students interested in sustainability. Its friendly atmosphere, the good food and drinks as well as interesting debates characterize this unique get-together of oikos-members and interested people.

oikos&Pizza was originally called “oikos & spaghetti” and started of with oikees cooking spaghettis together in a student apartment. Now that there are so many members and not a big enough student apartment, the project evolved slowly to what it is these days; much bigger and with many interesting speakers such as an example: BMW, Siemens, Credit Suisse, Tibits  …. and many many more.

In short: oikos & Pizza is an event for everyone, to connect people and share ideas and opinions about sustainability.


Juliette Kettler and Meret Thomann from oikos&Pizza

If you'd like to give a speech at one of our events or if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us at pizza@stgallen.oikos-international.org.