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Oikos Solar

oikos Solar is committed to solving one of Switzerland's most pressing challenges: the transition from nuclear to solar energy. By serving as a vital connector between investors, rooftop owners, and PV installation firms, we directly invest in the development of photovoltaic installations. The current landscape is exceptionally favorable for our project, fueled by a growing demand for electricity and bolstered by recent federal and cantonal incentives aimed at promoting solar energy. Our first installation, conceived as a proof-of-concept, is nearing completion. Once it becomes operational and our business model is subsequently validated, we will be in a prime position to scale our impact.


Job Description
Teamie SPM (solar panel management)
oikos Solar
On the SPM team, you will have the opportunity to work with a Ticino-based company that installs solar panels, and you will be responsible for allocating the capital raised.
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