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Climate Change Summit at the White House

Last week the president of the USA Joe Biden invited global government leaders to join him for

an important summit about climate change. The most influential politicians from the EU, Russia, China and America met virtually to discuss our planet’s future. The conference lasted two days and was confronted with technical issues and a lot of different time zones, which made it really complicated.

After Biden immediately rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement when he became president, he once again shows his contrary position to his predecessor Donald Trump who did not see Climate Change as a major problem. For a successful battle against the climate crisis the US assured a collaboration with China, which is extremely important as the two countries together make up to 40 % of global CO2 emissions. Some big participators of the conference like the EU, Canada, USA and Japan changed their climate goals to more ambitious targets. Other countries such as China hold on to their previous set goals.

The climate crisis has to be solved by all countries together, that is why it is so important that these conferences happen, where the biggest nations come together to discuss our future. One of the most important goals to prevent the drastic temperature rise is to become CO2 neutral, which all big countries want to reach until 2060 latest. Another important factor, which was touched up on was the elimination of coal duelled power. South Korea for example surprisingly stated that they do not want to finance new coal-fired power stations from now on.

Overall, this summit was a positive step in the right direction because it is important that the countries trust each other on this major important issue, as the goals are not binding but are just general guidelines. Find out more on the links down below.

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