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oikee Wedensday: Kristina Heilinger

Get to know the Project Head of Oismak Kristina Heilinger on our oikee Wednesday. Besides her studies and Oismak, Kristina has her own blog called Waste’s End. Find out more about Kristina and how she dedicates her free time.

1. What influenced you to dedicate your time to oikos cause?

I really enjoy supporting oikos with my knowledge on sustainability issues and to connect with likeminded people not only in St. Gallen but all around the world. Moreover, my current position as a project head gives me the opportunity to realize many ideas with my team and to get leadership experience.

2. What does oikos & sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability for me is not just an alternative option or a nice to have. It is embedded in the everyday choices we make, as a consumer, in a business model and in public policy. I see holistic sustainability as crucial not only for preserving our natural environment but also for a reasonable development of our future business world and economy.

3. How would you describe the main message of your blog Waste’s end?

Waste’s End is a blog about Zero Waste, Food Waste & Conscious consumption. Waste’s End is not just a name but a mission: My aim is to make people aware of how they can reduce their waste and set their priorities to become more conscious consumers. Even though I started living Zero Waste in 2016, I still learn something new every time I research for one of my articles. Frequently, I write about the environmental impact of exotic fruits and vegetables, as in my current article series about the avocado.

4. Tell us one easy step everyone could make to reduce their waste.

Use your own cloth bag the next time you buy bread at the bakery! Many people already do this when shopping fruits & vegetables. For more tips on zero waste shopping, read my article series here.

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