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oikee Wedensday: Noemi Zeindler

Get to know Noemi Zeindler from the oikos Conference Team. Having just recently joint oikos we wanted to know what she is expecting and what she has already experienced as part of oikos St. Gallen.

To get to know her better, we asked her four questions about her experiences with oikos so far.

1. What influenced you to dedicate your time to oikos’ cause?

During my first semester at the university, I realized that I wanted to invest my time in an association which gives my business-driven studies another perspective. In oikos I have found the perfect association where I find purpose and a long term impact which I can wholeheartedly support. For me oikos is about raising awareness for sustainability, create dialogue and positively influencing people’s perspective in the long term.

2. What does oikos mean to you?

For me oikos means that I can get in contact with like-minded people and being part of an amazing network. Ever since I’ve joined oikos, I have met many inspiring oikees through random coffees, community events and strategy days. The spirit to achieve the same vision together is very motivating.

3. What would you say to motivate those interested in joining the organization?

If you're interested in sustainability, go for it! No matter if you want to build up a network, learn teamwork or develop your skills, you won't be disappointed at oikos. It’s a fantastic opportunity to grow personally and professionally and create a purposeful impact while working with amazing people!

4. What do you look forward to in your new position as an oikos Conference Teamie?

I am responsible for the program at the oikos Conference together with three other oikees. We are all very motivated and have already set the framework for our Conference at the strategy day in the beginning of the semester. I am looking forward to a fantastic event from the 21 – 23. October.

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