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oikee Wednesday: Esmee Weltverden

Get to know Esmee Weltverden, who is part of the oikos Change on Campus (Change HUB) Team. To get to know her better, we asked her four questions on her time with oikos.

1. What influenced you to dedicate your time to oikos’ cause?

In my first semester, I’ve found Oikos to be the most impactful association at the university. With the project Change on Campus, which is now changing into ChangeHub it’s very inspiring and motivating to see your ideas actually implemented around campus. Creating a more sustainable world essentially starts with ourselves and our environments.

2. What does oikos mean to you?

Working together with motivated people on creating an impact is so energizing and meaningful. The community is very open and welcoming and you learn so much, not only about sustainability but also about your own personal skills.

3. What would you say to motivate those interested in joining the organization?

Don’t hesitate to join oikos! If you want to make a difference, learn more about sustainability and work together with amazing people, oikos is the place for you.

4. What do you do besides oikos?

Besides oikos I’m currently in my third semester of my Bachelor’s and enjoying uni life. Next to studying I like to do sports at the unisport and spend time with my friends. Also as a big coffee lover I’m always down for a (reusable😉) cup of coffee.

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