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oikee Wednesday: Samuel Halter

Get to know Samuel Halter, who is part of the Change on Campus Team since 2019. To get to know him better, we asked him four questions on his time with oikos.

1. What influenced you to dedicate your time to the oikos cause?

Three words: Responsibility, Purpose and Community. As a citizen of one of the richest countries in the world, and on top of that as an academic, I see it as my utmost responsibility to play my part in creating a sustainable future. But instead of seeing this as a burden, it gives me a sense of purpose and motivation. Finally, the engagement is much more rewarding when you can share your passion with like-minded people and at least have the feeling that you are not fighting windmills alone.

2. What does oikos & sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means making the good life possible for everyone on this earth without exceeding planetary boundaries. On a personal level, sustainability is a conviction and attitude towards society and the environment, which then manifests itself in all actions of daily life. oikos is a bunch of committed young people who embody this understanding of sustainability and try to anchor it in all possible ways at the HSG.

3. What would you say to motivate those interested in joining the organization? I promise you that nothing of all the management and economics courses will stay in your head after graduation, but what you can experience and learn at oikos you will never forget (maybe a bit cheesy but that's just the way it is).

4. Which project or event of the Change on Campus Team would you value as the one with the biggest impact?

While all projects have their specific impact - some are more tangible, others more abstract and long-term - I personally believe that Curriculum Change has the greatest potential. The HSG is full of bright young minds and passionate souls. We just need to guide their diverse talents in the right direction. This includes giving them the tools to tackle the global problems of the 21st century and, above all, to discuss these problems openly. I firmly believe that the aspiration of a university must be to educate responsible citizens and not just employable economic robots.

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