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oikos&pizza X Impaakt

Ever wondered how the true impact of a company can be measured? Sure, there are ESG data and CSR reports for that, but to they really tell us how sustainable a company is? They describe policies and practices, but in order to really assess the outcome of these measures, another scale of measurement is needed. For this reason, Impaakt is born.

Impaakt is a Swiss start-up that elaborated a system to give a precise, numerical score to companies, in order to really quantify how much of a positive (or negative) impact they have on the world.In our first event of the semester, we will have them as guests to talk about the idea behind the company and how these scores are formed. In addition, you will also be able to enjoy an amazing discount of 45% for a pizza delivered to your door, thanks to our new partnership with Stripped Pizza!

Join us on Tuesday, the 16th of March at 17.15 for a great evening. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and register here!

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