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The first edition of the oikos Impact Report is published!

Imagine a sailing boat on the open sea. Multiple factors influence the direction of the ship, the flow on the water and wellbeing of the sailing team. The sailing team has to adapt to external influences like wind and weather, but also on personal aims like the destination and journey. The team is developing a strategy to adapt to the internal and external factors and to find the best possible ways to achieve their mission.

Assuming that the sailing boat is a metaphor for the organization of oikos St. Gallen, the oikos Impact Report serves as a documentation of factors that influence the wellbeing of the community and stage of fulfillment of the oikos mission. oikos St. Gallen has the mission to raise awareness for sustainability in business and economics, building institutional support for curriculum reform and empowering student change agents.

On the way to achieving this long-term mission the sailing team/oikos community changes over the course of one year. Without having a basis to turn to as a new member or orientation point for external partners and sponsors, oikos might only achieve short-term goals. Therefore, the oikos Impact Report is an independent, honest and critical reflection of the year 2020/21, celebrates the impact of the oikos community and reveals the gaps in achieving the mission with recommendations for the next generation of oikos St. Gallen.

The report is structured in five parts. The first part explores the student association from a regional and international perspective. The second part introduces the impact assessment methodology. The third and fourth part reveal the results of the measurement exercise based on the oikos core functions community, finance and marketing and the projects’ direct impact. Finally, the last chapter focuses on oikos stories, a critical reflection and outlook with recommendations for the future.

Besides the commitment of each oikos member that is mirrored in this document, more than 20 oikos members have contributed directly to the making of the report. The project heads have introduced their projects, collected the data with their teams and revealed their personal assessment of their project. The board members have contributed with content on their core functions and several oikos team members have revealed their personal oikos journey. The core team responsible for data collection, analysis and content creation is proud to present the first edition of the oikos Impact Report. Do not hesitate to contact us for critical reflections, new ideas or any other wind might want to blow into our sails.

Find and download the report here:

Contact the Reporting team here:

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