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Gesundheitswoche - "Presentation on simple, healthy and sustainable cooking at HSG"

On the 19th of October, the first HSG Health-Week 2020 has started. Our OISMAK Project Head, Kristina Heilinger, prepared a workshop on the topic of simple, sustainable and healthy nutrition. The presentation was held in German in the aula of the HSG. It was an interactive presentation, so the students attending the event could contribute and learn from each other.

In the beginning, they explored the connection between sustainable, healthy and tasty nutrition. The greatest impact on the carbon footprint of nutrition can be achieved with a plantbased nutrition. Nevertheless, organic agriculture, seasonal and regional shopping as well as Zero Waste and Zero Food Waste all contribute to a wholesome sustainable nutrition. Another great topic of the day were trends in the food sector and how they influence our taste. Throughout the event general ideas on a holistic, healthy diet were lively discussed. Laura Montani from the Vegan Club also provided the students with healthy snacks and information material on a vegan lifestyle.

Last but not least, the students created a menu using recipes from the OISMAK website. We also invited the guests to give us feedback, that we can definitely use in order to improve the user experience. After the exercise, we engaged in further discussions with the students. Everyone had the chance to share thoughts, knowledge and further views on sustainable nutrition. Overall, the event was a great learning experience for both OISMAK and the students. We are looking forward to welcoming people at our next event.

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