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oikee Wedensday: Frederik Meier

Get to know Frederik Meier, Project Head of the Sustainability Week Team. Frederik joined oikos in June 2020 and next to his studies he is active with CrossFit, Running or biking being in nature in order to stay energized for everyday life. To get to know him better, we asked him four questions on his time with oikos.

1. What influenced you to dedicate your time to oikos’ cause?

I wanted to get involved with a sustainability effort while meeting new people. For me talking about sustainability is one thing but acting towards a brighter future is a different story and that is what you can do here.

2. What does oikos mean to you?

oikos is a place where like-minded people cross their path and get together trying to make a slight difference in the world. The effort and commitment of all oikees is encouraging and motivates you to do even more!

3. What would you say to motivate those interested in joining the organization?

You won’t change anything or save the world if you just try by yourself. Sustainability and all that comes with it is a challenge to be tackled together. This is a topic no one can ignore and oikos gives you a great chance to get involved and inspired.

4. What is your favorite moment and top of the mind association concerning the Sustainability Week you and your Team organized?

Probably when we reached over 300 registrations for our virtual Sustainability Week. We didn’t know how good our communication was at first and especially with the event being held online there was some uncertainty. The number of registrations then was a very positive feedback and great to see.

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