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oikee Wednesday: Oliver Meyer

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Get to know Oliver Meyer from the Sustainable Finance Team on our first oikee Wednesday. This is the first post in a series of introductions of your fellow oikees! Oliver joined oikos in 2019 and next to his studies he’s Co-Founder of vosqua KIG and storabble KlG.

To get to know him better, we asked him four questions about his journey with oikos.

1. What influenced you to dedicate your time to oikos’ cause?

Sustainability is a necessity. It is everyone’s responsibility to have some sort of impact and I chose oikos. As someone with a banking background I am super interested in Sustainable Finance. Not only can I learn more about it myself, I can also make it accessible for all the other students.

2. What does oikos mean to you?

A community I love to be a part of. All the in-person events as well as are an amazing experience and the weekly random coffee meetings are such a pleasure to chat with other oikees I have not met before.

3. What would you say to motivate those interested in joining the organization?

oikos is your chance to become part of a community with open, like-minded, interesting and super smart people. Make a difference and have fun while doing it.

4. What do you do besides oikos?

I am pretty busy with vosqua and storabble. vosqua makes it possible to share links in the caption of your social media posts, e.g. you can enter the code OJM on to connect with me on LinkedIn. storabble is like Airbnb, but for storage space and we are about to launch our service in April. I am also politically active as a member of the executive board of FDP Bezirk Bremgarten and the vice president of Jungfreisinnige Freiamt. On a lighter note, I love to meet new people, like squash and golf and also enjoy more exciting activities like combat sport and bungee jumping.

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