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Oikos&Pizza X Oxara X Student Impact

On the 24th of November, oikos&Pizza had their second event. This event was in collaboration with Student Impact, th

e leading association in Sustainable Consulting at the University of St. Gallen, which is also consulting Oxara in their business development. The event was sponsored by Fizzy and Vivi Kola, two beverage companies that produce sodas in a completely sustainable way.

oikos&Pizza is a project that aims at connecting students with professionals working in the field of sustainability. Several guest lectures are organized during the school year, with many guests coming from different backgrounds, but with one thing in common: the will to promote sustainability in their companies. The aperitif that usually follows our presentation, sadly, had to be cancelled as the event took place online due to the COVID-19 measures.

For the second and last event of the semester, we had Mr Gnanli Landrou, co-founder of Oxara, who was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30. Oxara is a start-up based in Zurich that developed a revolutionary invention: the ‘’cleancrete’’. This building material is a cement-free concrete, and it’s created by adding a unique formula to excavation materials. This new material can reduce the cost of housing significantly, resulting in more affordable infrastructures. In addition, it lowers the C02 emissions resulting from the excavation of cement, making the new building process more socially and environmentally sustainable.

Despite the event being held on Zoom, we had a great engagement from the audience. Several people participated, and many had a great discussion with Mr Landrou, who was able to explain further details about his project. Overall, the whole oikos&Pizza team is very satisfied with how this last event and more in general, the last event went, especially taking into consideration the issues caused by the Coronavirus.

We are very excited about the coming oikos&pizza events in Spring, and we welcoming you next semester to enjoy some fascinating conversations with great guest speakers.

Simone, Karim, Ivan, Corina.

The oikos&Pizza team.

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