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oikos&Pizza x Yova

On the 1st of October, the first oikos&Pizza event took place at the HSG. After a long stop forced by the COVID-19 safety measures, we were finally able to invite a guest for a presentation and also include our trademark, the aperitif with pizza. For our first event, we decided to invite Roman Burkard and Konstantin Mann from Yova Impact Investing. The first being the Customer Success Manager of the company, and the second working in the investment division.

Yova is a Swiss start-up based in Zurich, a stockbroker that restricts its portfolio to only sustainable companies, and which gained quite a bit of popularity in the last few years.

The guest lecture held by Mr Burkard was amazing, many topics were touched, from the history of the company to the technicalities on how they select the stocks for their portfolios, to exciting and fun anecdotes about the work environment in a young start-up such as Yova. Interesting questions were also raised from the audience, that challenged our guest on different points, the whole thing resulting in an enriching dialogue for both parties.

After the presentation, we moved to the Mensa A for the aperitif. While snacking on some pizza slices and drinking some Mate Tea (gladly offered by our sponsor “El Tony”), students had the opportunity to have a chat with our guests and, also, ask the oikos members interesting questions about our associations.

Overall, it was an afternoon and we, as Project Head, couldn’t be happier of how the whole thing played out, especially considering the COVID-19 restriction which we had to adhere to.

We are thrilled to see you soon to our next event, the 24th of November, with two new guests from two very innovative Swiss start-ups.

Simone and Karim, Project Heads of “oikos&Pizza”.

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