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oikos St. Gallen has reached 97 active members

At the end of September, our Recruiting Event took place, where we welcomed students that applied for our various teams and projects. The community team has organized an insightful

event that consisted of information about oikos as well as case studies that were solved and

presented in groups. Our goal was to find a fitting position for as many new members as


Looking back, the possibility to meet and get to know so many inspiring individuals was a

valuable experience for all of us. oikos counts 97 active members now who are working for our 9 projects. We are grateful for every member and their motivation to contribute to the spirit of oikos.

Over 60 oikos members participated at our oikos weekend, which took place two weekends ago. Due to the current pandemic, a number of measures had to be implemented to make this event possible. Nevertheless, our community was able to spend a Saturday filled with games and teambuilding activities. We want to thank everyone who participated!

We are already looking forward to our next community event!

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